Amsterdam Bike Tour: Hipster Hotspot Route

It’s a given fact, us Dutch people love to cycle. Our infrastructure is bike-friendly, we start young, it’s healthy, it’s just what we do. Making it impossible to picture Amsterdam without bicycles. So what better way to explore our capital than by bike? No need to book yourself a bike tour, here’s an Amsterdam Bike Tour past a few of my favorite Hotspots (with map)!

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Amsterdam Bike Tour Stop 1: Stek Amsterdam

If you’ve been following me for a while, you must know by now that I’m a huge Healthy Foodie. Stek Amsterdam is our first stop in Amsterdam East and it’s a perfect example of one of the Healthy Hotspots I love so much. Stek is more than just a place where you can have amazing food. The place is built with love by family and friends and you can taste the luuuuvvv in just about everything; the food, the interior, the vibe in general.


♥  Tabouleh Salad with Artichoke, sundried tomatoes, olives and feta cream!

♥ Eggs Benedict


Amsterdam Bike Tour Amsterdam Bike Tour


Amsterdam Bike Tour Stop 2: Museum Square (Museumplein)

Museum Square is home to three major museums – the Rijskmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum – and the concert hall building. Ride through the Rijksmuseum building and relax at Museum Square (if the weather allows it, because this is Holland after all). The Museum Quarter is called the cultural hub of the city, offering a wide range of activities and attractions. So if you’re up for a little more exploring, enough to do.


Amsterdam Bike Tour


Amsterdam Bike Tour Stop 3: Old-West & Westerpark

We continue our tour through Amsterdam West and drive through Westerpark. Westerpark lies right next to the city centre, combines greenery with a lively neighborhood of independent shops, old-schools street markets and traditional brown cafes. Lovely.

Amsterdam Bike Tour Stop 4: Gesponnen Suiker Shop

Once upon a time, there was a girl dreaming of a walkincloset so big, where not just her friends could assemble outfits, but all women and girls that want to look different! The girl went on to realize her dream, founded a shop, bought in lots of gorgeous clothes from different suppliers and thought about a suitable name.

Welcome to Gesponnen Suiker. Our first and only shop stop this trip. Affordable and unique.


Amsterdam Bike Tour Amsterdam Bike Tour


Amsterdam Bike Tour Stop 5: White Label Coffee

White Label Coffee has the coworking spot feel written all over it. I hear English all around me and see people working on laptops. The Digital Nomad within me feels right at home. The interior is minimalistic with white walls, a blonde wooden floor finished off with oriental rugs and healthy houseplants. Love it! Too bad I don’t drink coffee. Roasters Grassotti and Oomkens are true artists in their craft.

TIP: Date & Fig bread (no added sugar yep yep) and if you’re a coffee lover, do try the coffee’s (can’t give you any pointers on that unfortunately)


Amsterdam Bike Tour


Amsterdam Bike Tour Stop 6: Canals Grachtengordel-Zuid

Our 6th and final stop before we head back home. Obviously this part of the city is what Amsterdam is famous for. And it’s no wonder, because even I still find it gorgeous every time I pass through here with my bike. There’s a zillion hotspots around here. Too many to mention. Shop in the boutique shops of the picturesque 9 streets and pick a spot to have dinner. No shortage of choices.


Bike Tour Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Bike Tour Stop 7: Healthy Hotspot Dr. Blend

It’s been my favorite Healthy Hotspot near the canals in Amsterdam for quite a while now. Get yourself a smoothie here to re-energize or indulge in one of their wholesome dishes made from organically grown fruits and veg! 

Here’s a full blogpost on this lovely Healthy Hotspot in Amsterdam!


Amsterdam Bike Tour Amsterdam Bike Tour


Amsterdam Bike Tour Map

Amsterdam Bike Tour


Obviously Amsterdam has lots more to offer. These are just a few of my favorite spots! Print out my map, switch on google maps, hustle a bike from a drifter for 5 euros (not kidding) and explore Amsterdam the Dutch way. By bike of course




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