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What I stand for inspires teenagers & young adults to stop existing and to start living! My style is Bohemian and Travel is my one and only passion. My blog covers more than just Travel Highlights. I try to give my readers a piece of my personality and incorporate videos, cultural aspects, international cuisine and trendy Hotspots.

People follow my travels, not just because they want to see beautiful places, but because of the story behind my travels. Read more about that here.

Interested in collaborating? Keep reading. a EurAsian Blogging Bridge

Blogging & Vlogging is a huge passion of mine and I used to think it could only be my hobby.

But times are changing. Social Media Influencers are turning into Marketing goals for Advertisers. So I decided to join in for 2017 and make it a serious business. This year will be focussed on growing my brand internationally, and since I’m a serious ChinaGeek, that includes China.

I’m active on Weibo as 荷兰超级玛丽 and publish my blogposts in both English and Chinese. In collaboration with a Chinese sponsor this year is mainly focussed on growing my following.


My Key Markets

I target my blogposts & YouTube videos to teenagers & young adults from all over the world and focus on the following 5 key markets.

  1. United States
  2. China & Hong Kong
  3. Netherlands + UK
  4. Australia
  5. Europe Views by Country

Mireille Mali


Current Social Media Growth Rates

♥  Instagram →  500 p.m

♥  YouTube →  50 p.m

♥  Facebook →  300 p.m

 Weibo →  1 k p.m


Combined Social Media Reach December 2017 according to current Growth Rate → 30.000 followers




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→ Interested in promoting your brand with gorgeous Travel shots Worldwide and in China?

→ Do you want to sponsor me to help me reach my 2017 targets and get on board for the rising billion in China?


Send me a proposal to [email protected] and let’s talk details!