Healthy New Year’s Resolutions: 10 x how to make them stick!

New year, new chances, fresh start, new you! New Year’s resolutions are part of the deal, and we all have them. Planning to lose weight this year? Devoted to living a more healthy lifestyle this year? Sticking to your Healthy New Year’s resolutions will be a piece of cake with these 10 tips!


Not hungry in the morning? Well that’s convenient! You’re trying to lose weight anyway… WRONG! So wrong! Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. A good healthy breakfast will get your digestive system going and you’ll have no snack impulses after that!


2. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

If you strive to live by a realistic healthy lifestyle (which is easy to maintain), you won’t have to diet a day in your life! This in contrary to those embarking on a ridiculous diet with loads of horrible restrictions. Say you keep it up to the end, you’ll fall back into old habits after that so easily! This way you’ll just keep yoyo-ing. Don’t try to live by a crazy diet that is way too hard to follow . Make tasty salads for lunch, but enjoy a Nutella pancake every once in a while as well! Life is all about balance.

3. Why are you changing your lifestyle? Make a list!

Visualization is key, when it comes to realizing your goals. Ask yourself why you are doing it? Many people do it for the wrong reasons. Living a healthy lifestyle is not about the ideal weight or a perfect body image. It’s a way to become the best ‘healthiest’ version of yourself. Something we should all strive to do! Counting calories is the biggest nonsense and is so unnecessary if you know how to enjoy good healthy food!


4. Water is life

The average person needs to drink 1.5 liters of water a day. Most people don’t even come close to drinking that much. I used to struggle with drinking that much water too. But it’s become second nature to me to keep drinking water throughout the day. It stills your hunger, it’s a natural detox for the body and there’s zero point zero bad stuff in water. This on the contrary to soda, something I’m not a big fan of and which can easily be replaced by tea or water! Honestly, I don’t miss it at all.


5. Christmas detox

Now that we’re talking detox. We all know the feeling. Your mother’s Coq au vin, chocolate desserts, wine and just about everything else that is unhealthy yet so gooood. Christmas and New Year’s are all about family and food. And rightly so! That bloated feeling you get the days after that however, are unfortunate but true. Detox 1 or 2 days with a juice cleanse, so you’ll start the new year refreshed and this will get rid of all your chemicals as well!

6. Food Prep is everything

Avoid daily trips to subway or the next door bakery during lunch time, by prepping a delicious healthy lunch the day before. Make sure your refrigerator is filled with tasty healthy options and try to plan what you’re going to eat that day a little bit. That may seem strange, but with meal planning you can be sure you won’t make impulsive snack decisions and you’ll be prepared when you’re hungry! Remember to enjoy a Nutella pancake every once in a while though! 😉


7. Enjoy food with moderation

Food is delicious. And we spice up the flavors on purpose to be able to enjoy it even more. Nothing wrong with that! Especially when you’ve prepared a delicious healthy meal for yourself. However, that doesn’t mean you should load up your plate three times, just because you’ve prepared something healthy. Losing weight will be quite the challenge if you eat high quantities of food, healthy or not. So enjoy your food in moderation! Wait a little bit with loading up your plate again after finishing your first plate. You will see that 9 times out of 10, you’re already full.

8. Forget multitasking while having dinner

‘Eating dinner should be a social happing‘, my mother lives by this mantra! In addition to it being super unsocial to have dinner in front of the tv, you are also much more conscious of what you put in your mouth if you don’t! Someone who eats in front of the TV is much more likely to eat a lot more than someone who enjoys a plate of freshly prepared food at a set table. Try it out yourself! You will notice the difference.


9. Stop the ‘all or nothing’ mindset

New Year’s resolutions start in the morning with a green smoothie and end in the evening with a bag of chips, wine and chocolate biscuits. After the first unhealthy snack, people often think; ‘Oh what the hell, I’ve already eaten three cookies! I can have a piece of cake as well or a glass of Coke!’ Do yourself a favor and STOP thinking like that! Enjoy your Nutella pancake, but focus on your healthy lifestyle again after that. Cheating one time doesn’t mean you have to let go of all your resolutions! Keep on rocking girl! You can do it!

10. Work itttt!

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t work without actually doing the WORK! It will only stick if you’re willing to sweat! Think of a fun sport or form of exercise that suits you! I hate to go to the gym, but I love to go for a morning surf session or a game of soccer! Find a form of exercise you like that works for you! This doesn’t have to be an expensive gym membership, you can just as easily go hiking with friends!



After overcoming my auto-immune disease, I didn’t need to follow a healthy diet anymore, according to the doctor. But it felt good to keep doing it. It has become part of me! It makes me feel good, healthy and happy, living this way. And now you can too! Make your New Year’s resolutions part of your lifestyle, and you’ll feel better than ever! Trust me!

What are you guy’s healthy New Year’s resolutions? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂






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