5 tips on How To Travel Solo: the ultimate Self Love Challenge

How to Travel Solo. It took me a while, but I can finally say that I now enjoy it to the fullest! And here’s how you can do it too!

Solo Travel: the Ultimate Self Love Challenge

‘Just you checking in Ma’am?’ I smile, ‘Yes, It’s just me checking in’.

The receptionist frowns, smiles awkwardly and continues to handle my check-in. The waiters at breakfast the next morning are confused and concerned as well.

‘It’s just you having breakfast miss? Why are you traveling alone? Your friends couldn’t come with you?’

I reply without hesitating.

I’m on holiday with myself this weekend. And I actually quite love doing that. I eat, sleep, drink, meet new people and refuel. I LOVE IT!’

The waiter smiles and replies, ‘I will bring you your green tea and some extra fresh mango, just for you miss’


Travel Solo



I’m spending the weekend in a Resort in Boracay. Alone. I usually stay in Hostels and love to meet new people. But this weekend is all about me. Just me.

This is the ultimate Self Love challenge. Why? Because it forces you to focus on yourself instead of keeping yourself busy with work, friends or any other activity.

Don’t be mistaken. If you learn how to truly enjoy being alone every once in a while. It will be the greatest gift this life will ever give you.

Scared to show yourself some self love and travel solo? Here’s a few tips!


Travel Solo


1. Solo Travel Test

It might be a good idea to try a small Solo Travel trip first to either show your parents you’re up for it, or just to calm your nerves before you embark on a big backpacking trip.

Europe has many lovely City trip destinations that lend perfectly for a small weekend getaway! How about Londen, Amsterdam or Barcelona? Take your pick!


Travel Solo


2. Hostels are a great way to meet new people while you Travel Solo

Hostels come in many different shapes and forms. Lots of people still think that Hostels are these typical party places, only meant for low-budget backpackers. Yes, these kinds of Hostels excist for sure.

But with the popularization of the Digital Nomad and Flashpacker lifestyle, things have changed. High-end, Boutique and Hipster Style Hostels are popping up everywhere. Take this Trendy Hostel in Hipster District Ari Bangkok for example or this amazing Hostel in Sydney with Harbour View!

You can either choose to stay in a dorm to make it even easier to meet people, but booking a solo room will do just fine as well. The common areas of Hostels are packed with solo travellers ready to share their amazing stories with you!


Travel Solo


3. Where & How to start Solo Travel Small Talk

Just because you decided to go on this amazing soul-searching Travel Quest, or just a one-week holiday getaway, doesn’t mean you’re bound to meet hundreds of new amazing people.

You have to put yourself out there!

Once you learn how to cross that small talk bridge, your life will change for the better. You will meet the most amazing people and quite frankly, your dating life will benefit from it as well.


Wherever you are, the grocery store, a hostel common room or in your hotel lobby waiting for an elevator, start that freakin’ amazing small talk! It’s so easy! Comment on something funny, ask for advice, spark curiosity! Whatever light weight conversation material comes to mind! Don’t be afraid. People don’t bite.


I’m chilling at the beach of my Resort in Boracay. I’m in a Hotel. Not the most easy place to meet people, but it’s still possible. I overhear someone talking about a new blogpost and kindly ask what it’s about. ‘Hee, I’m also a blogger, what’s your article about?’

And the rest was history.


Travel Solo


4. Put your phone away. No really. Put it away. Right now.

Nobody will start a conversation with someone staring at a phone. Sounds so obvious. Yet, when I step into a subway, train or airplane, people seem to always be preoccupied with their phones instead of making conversation with a stranger that sits next to them.

What better chance are you going to have to start a conversation! They can’t go anywhere so you have some time to get warmed up ;). Yikes, that sounds a bit creepy.

But you know what I mean.


Travel Solo


5. Enjoy and appreciate your Alone Time

While meeting new people is one of the main reasons why I travel solo, I also highly value my me-time, my alone time, my time to enjoy travel the way I like to enjoy it.

I can feel intensely happy sitting on a beach in Indonesia reading a book or hiking up the peak in Hong Kong. ALONE!

Embrace being alone and try to see it as a gift! 

If you know how to do that, you will truly feel like the richest person on earth.


Travel Solo


And on a final note, because many people always ask me this question…


Yes. Why shouldn’t it be?

Being alone doesn’t have to change anything. The only thing that changes is you’re suddenly more concious about walking the streets alone. Whereas this wouldn’t disturb you at all, if you walked the streets with your girlfriends.

So basically all you’ve got to do is:

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, and you’ll be fine. 


Travel Solo


I must admit, some parts of the world are a little more tricky, when it comes to solo travel. Especially for girls. But don’t fret. It can still be done. You’ve just got to use your head. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do alone in your own country as well.

Simple as that.

Furthermore. Confidence, as with many things, is key. Don’t walk the streets with deep fear in your eyes (doesn’t sound fun to me either). Be confident and make smart decisions. More tips on how to walk the streets like a Femme Fatale here.


Enjoy! And do tell me how you got on with your Solo Travel adventures!!




Mireille Mali


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