Where to eat in Beijing: Beijing Restaurant Picks

Where to eat in Beijing? This city is so huge, even for me picking the right restaurant is a bit of challenge. It can easily take you an hour to get from A to B. So how do you know where to go?

Beijing is my playground. I’m based here! And since I’m a serious foodie, here’s a list of my top Beijing Restaurant picks!

Watch my latest weekly Vlog for an overview on ‘What I eat on a typical day in Beijing China’ and keep reading to find out where to find my top restaurant picks.



Where to eat in Beijing: Dali Courtyard

Listed first, and not without reason. This is my number one Beijing favorite. My lovely Georgian friend Sofia took me here a while ago and I fell in love with the venue, the food, the vibe, the EVERYTHING! This charming courtyard close to Gulou Dongdajie, is perfect for a dreamy summer night dinner. The menu is fixed price (¥150 p.p.) and the chef will prepare whatever he feels like that day. Grilled fish, stir-fried mushrooms, Yunnan-style dumplings, you name it. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.


Where to eat in Beijing


Where to eat in Beijing: Healthy Hotspot Moka Bros

While eating healthy in a country like China can be very challenging (with MSG, sugar and salt added to just about anything), Moka Bro’s provides food prepared with GOOD, fresh and wholesome ingredients! That means no preservatives and additives! Yes please.

Here’s a full blogpost on Moka Bros, my favorite Healthy Hotspot in Beijing!


♥ Watermelon & Avocado Salad

♥ Salmon Poké Bowl


Where to eat in BeijingWhere to eat in Beijing


Where to eat in Beijing: Xiabu Xiabu Hotpot

Xiabu Xiabu is a Hotpot Fastfood Chain in China and has restaurants spread all over Beijing. The price quality balance is great here. Expect to pay around ¥40 p.p. and enjoy a fun night hotpotting with friends.

The concept of hotpot is simple. A big pot of simmering broth, with a spicy and non spicy side, is served on a burner in the middle of the table. Served around it are plates of meat, seafood, different kinds of noodles and vegetables, ready to be cooked in the broth. There are many different kinds of hotpot all around Asia, but they all have one thing in common:  ‘You don’t hotpot with people you don’t like’.

For those with a bigger budget, this is my favorite High-end Hotpot restaurant in Sanlitun: 海底捞火锅(三里屯店)


Where to eat in Beijing

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Where to eat in Beijing: Peking Duck

Whoever went to Beijing and didn’t eat Peking Duck, did not go to Beijing. This local speciality is delicious and stems from the imperial era. The duck meat is characterized by its thin, crispy skin roasted as a whole in a special closed or hung oven. Dip your duck and the complementary spring onion and cucumber in sweet bean sauce and fold it into the pancakes served with it.

You can find Peking Duck restaurants all around town. Try to avoid the ones from Travel Guides as these are mostly tourist orientated and expensive. Ask locals where to find good quality Peking Duck for a reasonable price (北京烤鸭).

This place is my favorite in Sanlitun (Soho) 工体北品路13号世我一茂广场 工三4层 (近工体)!


Where to eat in Beijing



Where to eat in Beijing: Foodcourts

Foodcourts can be found in almost every single mall in Beijing and Asia in general. They are usually located at the top or basement floor and are perfect for when you’re too tired to go all out to a restaurant but still fancy some good, hot yet affordable food. These courts serve anything from Sichuan spicy foods to Beijing Dumplings. Top up your Foodcourt card and go on a China dish adventure.


Where to eat in Beijing


Where to eat in Beijing: Streetfood

It’s cheap, not particularly healthy, but so good. Don’t be afraid to get a Bali-belly or ‘La Duzi’ as we call it in China. Pick a spot that looks good with lots of locals and you’ll be fine. Beijing Dumplings filled with meat or vegetables are one of my top street food picks. I occasionally indulge in some Beijing noodles at a noodle stand as well or buy a Bing Tanghulu, sugar syrup coated fruit on a stick!


Where to eat in Beijing


Where to stay in Beijing

Since you landed on this blogpost I’m assuming you’re planning a visit to this gorgeous cultural city in the Middle Kingdom. Have you booked your stay in Beijing already? If not, look no further. Stay at a boutique courtyard hotel in an old Beijing hutong (alleyway) to experience the centuries-old lifestyle of local residents.

The calm and quiet at Duge Courtyard is all the more striking, as it’s only a shouting distance away from Nanluoguxiang, one of Beijing’s most popular souvenir and snack alleys.

“We’re not just a place to stay,” hotel manager Mao Fuming says. “We want guests to have an authentic courtyard experience, which includes having the space to enjoy the sun in the yard or drink a cup of tea.”

Book your stay here!


Where to eat in Beijing


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Let me know in the comments below how your culinary adventure in Beijing is coming along! 🙂


Happy Travels!


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