Where to eat in Hong Kong: Social Sandwich with Palletable

Where to eat in Hong Kong? Skip the long lunch queue’s at IFC and get your delicious Gourmet Sandwich with a social cause at Cafe 8. Cafe 8 collaborates with Palletable, a social enterprise that works with individuals on the autism spectrum, who by the way make the most amazing sandwiches! Top that with a lovely harbor view and you are ready to take on anything else your workday will throw at you!


Where to eat in Hong Kong


“The world needs all kinds of minds. Yours – as well as mine.”

Palletable is a social enterprise dedicated to nourishing your soul with delicious gourmet sandwiches served by individuals with autism. And although they make amazing sandwiches, that’s just a fraction of what they can do.

Take Terrence for example, Terrence has an amazing photographic memory. He can categorize things in a way, you and I could only dream of. Me and my other entrepreneur friends always encourage each other to focus on your strengths and outsource the things you least enjoy. And that’s exactly what Palletable is all about. Because like I said, serving amazing sandwiches is just a fraction of what they can do!


Where to eat in Hong KongWhere to eat in Hong Kong


Interested in providing one of these amazing individuals an internship or any other amazing work experience? Contact Palletable here.

Wholesome Gourmet Sandwiches

And on to the food. These delicious gourmet sandwiches are served with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Pick your ingredients and assemble a sandwich just the way you like it. A good sandwich starts with good bread, and as a European girl, my bread standarts aren’t exactly low. These sandwiches more than exceed my high expectations. And its the social cause of it, that makes it taste extra good. After all, how can we be expected to think clearly and creatively on an empty stomach?

Palletable can be hired for catering anywhere in Hong Kong, but is served weekly during lunch on Thursdays at Cafe 8!


Where to eat in Hong Kong


Where to eat in Hong Kong: Cafe 8 the Palletable Venue

Cafe 8 is located on the rooftop of Pier 8, close to the IFC building. It creates a progressive environment for members of our society with learning disabilities, providing employment opportunities for those with special needs. Though this isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind, when you first walk in. The cafe looks just like any other hip and trendy hotspot in Hong Kong, serving amazing food like chunky quiche and Avocado & Portobello Wraps.

Skip the long Thursday lunchqueues at IFC and go see for yourself!


Where to eat in Hong KongWhere to eat in Hong Kong


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Where to eat in Hong Kong




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